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Benton Administrative Office

1718 Old Hot Springs Hwy. • Benton, AR 72015

Telephone: (501) 315-3344 - for information on admissions, employment opportunities, and administrative needs please call Benton Administrative office.


Benton Town Center

1502 Mary Kay Blvd • Benton, AR 72015
Telephone: (501) 315-3344 • Fax: (501) 303-1612

Benton Town is located in Benton, AR. We are a branch that serves between 60-65 members. We have 17 members that live in a supervised setting where meals and residential care are provided 24/7. We have 4 semi-supervised group homes where anywhere from 2 to 4 members live together. Staff check on these members throughout the evening, give medications, and provide assistance with their needs. The rest of our members, about 25, live in their own apartment in the community. Residential Trainers work in the evening provide assertive case management services to our members. Residential Trainers take our members grocery shopping, to AA/NA meetings, to the mall, to the movies, and to various places in the community that they may need to go.

Benton Town provides many opportunities to help our members integrate into the community. Case Managers help our members look for jobs in the community and access services such as housing assistance, food stamps, and other support services they are eligible for. Members have gotten jobs at fast-food restaurants, Wal-mart, law offices, and have even found employment within Birch. We help our members further their education by helping them access resources to get their GED and even go to college. Benton Town has had several members that attend UALR Benton Campus as well as Ouachita Technical College. We try to give every opportunity for our members to get out in the community. All members attend day treatment throughout the week with each member having their own personalized schedule and plan.

Day treatment services include medication management, social skills training, symptom management, idependent living skills training, expressive arts, and budgeting are just a few to name. We have a fast-train program that teaches members vocational skills to help them learn job skills before they get a job in the community. Licensed mental health professionals provide individual therapy and group therapy on a daily basis to help our members cope with and recover from symptoms of their mental illness.

Our expressive arts program is located in the same building as Benton Town program and serves as an outlet of expression for our members. Members get to paint weekly, write poetry, and learn about the arts. At Benton Town we also integrate leisure activities into treatment. We have small outings on a weekly basis that include trips like going bowling, skating, to the mall, and going to the lake to cookout. We also plan evening outings to Arkansas Travelers Games, basketball games, and other events in the community like fireworks, Christmas lights, and plays. Every quarter we try to plan a large outing, we've gone to Gulf Shores, AL, Dallas, TX, Branson, and Memphis. We've taken trips to the Buffalo lodge log cabin in Jasper, AR. Another aspect of treatment that we are focusing on is living a healthy lifestyle. We incorporate exercise into weekly groups. We've gone on hiking trips that include Pinnacle Mountain, Pedestal Rock, Hawks Bill Crag, and Round Top Mountain. We try to teach our members healthy eating habits and healthy lifestyle habits. The staff at Benton Town are dedicated to providing the best services to our members and strive for excellence. We strive to provide an atmosphere that promotes recovery and allows each member to reach their individual goals.


Christie Owen, LPC - Director of Branch Operations/Clinical Director • (501) 303-3163

Brandon Williams -- Associate Director - (501) 303-3146

FaNeisha Mosley, LPC • Therapist - (501) 303-3146

Dominik Morton, LMSW - (501) 303-3147

Tracey McDonald, LMSW - (501) 315-3344  ext. 4200

Joyce Scott, RN - Nursing • (501) 303-3164

Chris Chumley - Program Supervisor • (501) 315-3344 ext. 4206

Gayer Millikin, Jackie Bulter, and Amanda Haws • (501) 315-3344 ext. 4206

Chris Cardenas, Natara Tedder - Recovery Advocate • ext. 4201

Eric Ngange and Christopher Logozzo- Recovery Advocates - ext. 4202

Niesha Taybore and Terrance Hawkins- Recovery Advocates • ext. 4004

Chris Porter and Craig Cange - Recovery Advocates

Rochorn Thompson - Mon-Thurs Evening Supervisor • (501) 860-0341

Leslie McBride - Fri, Sat, Sun Supervisor • (501) 860-0341

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