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522 Mills Rd. • P.O. Box 1323 • Clarksville, AR 72830

706 Brown Street - Clarksville , AR  72830

Phone: (501) 315-3344 • Fax: (501) 303-3192

The Birch Tree Communities Inc Clarksville Branch serves 59 member on site with the capability of moving numerous members into available housing in the community. We currently have 15 members who live in their own apartments in the community. We have approximately 23 staff and supervise the members on site 24/7. We have several members who are employed part time at businesses in the community and three members who are employed in the dietary department of the Clarksville Branch. We have one member who is a part time student at the University of the Ozarks. The Clarksville FASTrain program includes 22 members. Clarksville Members participate in weekly outings to Walmart, smoke shops, library, walking track and thrift stores.


Tim Freeman, LCSW - Director of Branch Operations • (501) 303-3173

Tami Haas - Associate Director of Branch Operations • (501) 303-3224

Regina Cowell - Assistant to the Director

Ashley Frinkle, LAC - Therapist, Clarksville Pheonix

Timothy Hughes, LPE-I - Therapist, Clarksville Mills

Sherry Braslavsky, LMSW, Therapist

Nigel Hook - Program Supervisor • 501-303-3141

John Edwards - Program • 501-303-3141

Randy Palmer, Cynthia Reynolds, Glenn Willis, Gary Perry and Quintinn Cotton- Recovery Advocates • 501-303-3174


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