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210 North Shamrock Blvd. • Russellville,AR,72801
Phone: (501) 315-3344• Fax: (501) 303-3192

The members in Russellville believe 100% in recovery! Each day members work with the Illness Management and Recovery program and look for ways every single day to recover and how they can recover whether it be big or small.  We started out with 7 members and have grown to 40. Fifteen folks are living in the community and we also have two group homes; an all male group home (Oasis) and an all female group home (Houston). The staff is full of enthusiasm and self motivation. Right now our branch is centered around our group home. But we see great potential here. With a wealth of community resources, great educational opportunities, and housing that is second to none, we plan on expanding and growing with tremendous support from the community. Keep an eye on us, we are doing great things!




   Tim Freeman, LCSW - Director of Branch Operations • (501) 303-3173

   Tami Haas - Associate Director of Branch Operations • (501) 303-3224

Fern Murdock, LPE - Therapist - (501) 303.1685

Laura Casey, Phyliss Watson, Sarah Casey Chelsey King and Chloe Gordon - Recovery Advocates

Angela Hagerty - Program Supervisor

Emma Finch -Program Staff

Robert Hampton, LPN - Nurse