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PHone Directory

Please note the following:

-You may dial any of these extensions beginning with 1*** or 3*** by dialing (501) 303- (then the extension)

-Any extension beginning with 4*** may not be dialed directly but can be transferred by dialing (501) 315-3344.

-A complete list of fax numbers are at the bottom of the page.


Aabrew, Aaron   Conway    
Admin A & B   admin P.O. Box 1589, Benton, Ar. 72018 1718 Old HS Rd. 72019
Admin Conf. Rm. (New) 3213 Admin    
Admin Conf. Rm. (Old) 3212 Admin    
Admin Conf. Room FAX   Admin   501-303-3221
Admin Execu.Wing FAX   Admin   501-303-3221
Admin FAX   Admin   501-315-1388
Admissions FAX   Admin   501-303-3180
AHC   AHC 6701 Hwy 67 South,Bldg 4 Benton 75219 501-303-3258
AHC Kitchen 4158 AHC    
AHC Nurse FAX 3155 AHC   501-303-1653
Ahrens, Chad   Clarksville Recovery Assistant  
Ahrens, Kathy 3142 Clarksville LPN   
Alcoa House   Alcoa NB    
Alcoa New Beginnings   Alcoa NB 718 Alcoa Rd., Benton, AR 72015 / 501-776-4110  
Alcorn, Harry Junior   Conway Recovery Assistant  
Alcorn, Shirley Jean   Clinton Dietary  
Allen, Vicky L. 3238 Conway Recovery Assistant  
Alvey, Leslie L.   Clarksville Recovery Assistant  
Amer, Jamila Deana   Ash Flat Recovery Assistant  
Ames, Lenora   Conway RN  
Anderson, Carolyn Sue   AHC Recovery Assistant  
Anthony, Elizabeth N. 4153 AHC Recovery Advocate  
Ash Flat   Ash Flat 44 Martin Ln. 72513 501-303-3191
Ash Flat Gray House # 1   Ash Flat    
Ash Flat Gray House # 2   Ash Flat    
Ash Flat Group Home   Ash Flat    
Ash Flat Transport   Ash Flat    
Austin-Labron, Tonya 4026 Benton Town Program Supervisor  
Avington, Takema Tywan   Alcoa NB Recovery Assistant  
Avington, Tina L. 4406 Malvern Housekeeping  
Babcock # 1   Malvern    
Babcock # 2   Malvern    
Babcock # 3   Malvern    
Babcock # 4   Malvern    
Babcock # 5   Malvern    
Babcock # 6   Malvern    
Bailey, Deanna M.   Clarksville Recovery Assistant  
Bain, Chris   Clarksville Shift Supervisor  
Baker, Christopher   AHC Recovery Assistant  
Baker, Dustin R.   Russellville Recovery Assistant  
Baker, Tammy R.   AHC Recovery Assistant  
Baldwin, Jessica, Lynete   AHC Recovery Assistant  
Banda, Claudia L.   AHC Recovery Assistant  
Barmore, Edith 3143 Clarksville Recovery Advocate  
Barnes, Holly H.     AHC Recovery Advocate  
Barnes, Tyronza  L. 3246 Conway Recovery Advocate  
Bateman, Tina M.   Conway Recovery Assistatn  
Bates, Christina Marie (Collins)   AHC Program Tech  
Bates, Dea Elizabeth   AHC Recovery Advocate  
Batterton, Sara Jane   Clarksville Contract  
Bavis, Regan Ashley 3224 Clarksville Recovery Assistant  
Bean, Kathy L. 3224 Clarksville Shift Supervisor  
Beavers, Susan J.   Clinton Recovery Assistant  
Beck, Shelly A.   Russellville Shift Supervisor  
Bedford, April L.   Benton Town LPN  
Bell, James Michael "Mike"   Benton Town Director of Branch Operations  
Bell, Lenora Jae   Admin    
Bellinghausen, John J. 3174 Clarksville Maintenance  
Bennett, Tim W. 3104 Admin Dir. Of Branch Operations  
Benton Town   Benton Town 1502 Mary Kay Blvd.  Benton 75215  
Benton Town Conf.  Rm 4200 Benton Town Member phone  
Benton Town Nursing Sta. 3164 Benton Town    
Berry Richard G.   Clarksville Recovery Assistant  
Berry, Kevin Scott   AHC Recovery Assistant  
Bevins, Darlene Marie 3200 Conway Dietary Supervisor  
Billy, Charles L.   AHC Maintenance  
Billy, Kelly Murdock   Benton Town Recovery Assistant  
Birch Leaf Apts. 4402 Malvern    
Birch, Linda G   Malvern Recovery Advocate  
Birkhead, Holly Gwen 3128 Oxford Shift Supervisor/Program Center 501-303-3178
Blake, Kimberly Sue   AHC Recovery Assistant  
Booth, Natasha V.   Alcoa NB Recovery Assistant  
Borneman, David A.   Alcoa NB Recovery assistant  
Bowman, Mark Darnall 3239 Conway Recovery Assistant  
Boyd, Linda Rena   New Port Recorery Assistant  
Bradford, Michelle Lynn   Conway SPC Recovery Assistant  
Bradshaw, Veronica Linn 3115 Admin Billing Coordinator  
Bragg, Alma M. 3406 Malvern Recovery Assistant  
Bramlett, Tommy Joe   Admin Maintenance  
Brim, Loretta   Alcoa NB Recovery Assistant  
Brockman, Patrice Deshae   Conway Recovery Assistant  
Brooks, Wesley P.   Conway Recovery Assistant  
Brookshire, Sherry K.    Admin Transcriptionist  
Brown, Jr. Frank E.    Alcoa NB Recovery Assistant  
Brown, Kevin Dale 4004 Benton Town Recovery Advocate  
Brown, Renee L.   Melbourne Shift Supervisor/Group Home  
Brumfield, Nicholas David   Benton Town Recovery Advocate  
Buckner, Carol L.   Malvern Recovery Assistant  
Bullock, Caey   Ashflat Recovery Assistant  
Bush, Ronald Dean   Clarksville Primary Therapist/  479-979-7669       
Bussell, Briann 3155 Hope House LPN 501-303-1653
Butler, Jarrod C.   Conway Recovery Assistant  
Butler, Ryhan   Hope House Recovery Assistant  
Butler, Tyrone   Benton Town Maintenance  
Cabrera, Efren   Alcoa NB Recovery Assistant  
Cameron, LouAnn 3121 Admin Operator    501-315-1388
Canady, Caroline   Malvern Recovery Advocate  
Cange, William Craig   Benton Town Recovery Advocate  
Cardenas, Christina T. 4201 Benton Town Program Tech  
Carter, Archie Dean 4201 Benton Town Recovery Advocate  
Carter, Jaston A.   Benton Town Program Tech  
Carter, Schenetta L.    AHC Recovery Assistant  
Cartwright, Angela Williams 3232 Conway Primary Therapist  
Cary, Mylina L.   Mt. View Recovery Assistant  
Casey, Laura J.  1682 Russellville Recovery Advocate  
Casey, Sarah B.   Russellville Recovery Assistant  
Chacon, Cecilia 4156 AHC Recovery Assistant  
Chambers, James 3204 AHC Primary Therapist  
Cheatham, James Edward 4012 Hope House Recovery Assistant              501-303-3186
Childers, Kenneth Steven 3174 Clarksville Shift Supervisor  
Chumley, Chris R.   Benton Town Recovery Advocate  
Clark, Dema A.   Conway Recovery Assistant  
Clarksville Apt. -Driftwood   Clarksville 609 & 611 Brown St. Clarksville  
Clarksville Apt. -Willow and Magnolis   Clarksville 522 Anderson Dr, Clarksville  
Clarksville Branch 3224 Clarksville 522 Mills Rd. Clarksville,72830  
Clarksville Nurse   Clarksville   501-303-1695
Clarksville Prog.Ctr Phoenix   Clarksville 706 Brown St.,Clarksville,AR 501-303-3192        
Clarksville Staff Room 3143 Clarksville    
Clay, Angela Lea McCord 1631 Mt. View Asst. Branch Dir.  
Clinical Records FAX   Admin                         501-303-1698  or  501-303-1699
Clinton Branch   Clinton 242 Shake Rag Rd, 72031 501-303-3177
Clinton FAX   Clinton   501-745-8878
Clinton Group Home 3209 Clinton 304 Shakerag Rd, Clinton 72031 501-416-3563
Clinton Nurse 3211 Clinton   501-303-3211
Clinton Prog. Center 3177 Clinton    
Clinton Therapist Office 3201 Clinton    
Cochran, Kristol D.   Oxford Recovery Assistant/Gr. Home  
Cogovan, Teresa 3275 Admin Payroll Coordinator  
Cole, Laverne 3107 Admin Client Account Manager  
Coleman, Dedra D.   Conway Recovery Advocate  
Collins, Chris Adonis   Conway Recovery Assistant  
Collins, Christina "Tina" 4150 AHC Recovery Advocate  
Collins, Virginia K.   Benton Town Housekeeping Supervisor  
Compton, Latoya   Conway Recovery Advocate  
Conaway, Darryl L.   Hope House Recovery Assistant  
Conley, Mary Ann   Clinton Recovery Assistant  
Conway East   Conway 33 Palarm Creek Rd.  501-513-9042
Conway Group Home 3200 Conway Anderson House - 704 4th Ave.  
Conway Program Center 3247 Conway 132 Lower Ridge Rd,72032 501-303-3194
Conway-Mills Road Transport   Conway    
Cook, Teresa M   Malvern Program Tech  
Cooper, Allen D.   Alcoa NB Recovery Assistant  
Cooper, Eddie L.   AshFlat Maintenance  
Cooper, Ervin K   Benton Town Housekeeper  
Cooper, Joan Ann   AHC Recovery Assistant  
Cooper, Nicole 3164 Benton Town LPN 501-303-1662
Coots, Jimmy Lynn 3211 Clinton Assit.Dir.Of Branch Operations  
Corry, Mary Joan   Conway Recovery Assistant  
Cottage 1 4165 AHC    
Cottage 12 4169 AHC    
Cottage 2 4166 AHC    
Cottage 24 4008 AHC    
Cottage 25 4005 AHC    
Cottage 26 4006 AHC    
Cottage 27 no ext. AHC    
Cottage 3 4167 AHC    
Cottage 33 4007 AHC    
Cottage 4 4168 AHC    
Cottage 6 4170 AHC    
Cotton, Quintinn   Clarksville Recovery Assistant  
Cowell, Regina 3224 Clarksville Assistant to Director  
Cox, Zachary   Alcoa NB Shift Supervsor  
Cramer, Seth W   Conway Recovery Assistant  
Credible, Josh   ASC Recovery Assistant  
Crews, Sherri  L.   Alcoa NB Recovery Asistant  
Crutcher, Joann 1630 New Port Program Supervisor 501-303-3152
Crutchfield, Eric Tyree 3162 Benton Town Primary Therapist  
Culpepper, Courtney Lynn   Malvern Program Tech  
Cummings, Adriana V.L.   Conway Recovery Assistant  
Cummings, John Edward 3175 AHC LPN   
Curlett, John C.   Conway Recovery Assistant  
Danner, Beverlyn Sue   Benton Town Recovery Assistant  
Davenport, Carol Lee   AHC Shift Supervisor Wk.end-overnight  
Davies, Colin T. 3220 Ashflat Primary Thrapist  
Davis, Aaron Richard   Conway Recovery Assistant  
Davis, Kacie   Benton Town Shift Supervisor  
Davis, Margaret   Alcoa NB Recovery Assistant  
Davis, Michael C   Hope House Recovery Advocate  
Davis, Sherry   Benton Town Recovery Assistant  
DeLoach, Quincie M.   Benton Town Recovery Assistant  
Dobbins, Carey J.   Conway Recovery Assistant  
Doehring, Jessica J.   Clarksville Recovery Assistant  
Donnely, Joseph "Bill" 4012 Alcoa NB SCP Recovery Assistant  
Draper, Sonja   Malvern Primary Therapist  
Duncan, Catherine T   Ashflat Recovery Assistant  
Eakin, Benjamin Wade   Clarksville Recovery Assistant  
Eddington, Virginia R.    Malvern Dietary Supervisor  
Edwards, John D.   Ashflat Recovry Assistant  
Eldridge, Keith A.   Benton Town Recovery Assistant  
Ellison, Shelah L.   Ash Flat Recovery Advocate  
Elrod, Kelly A. 1634 Admin Pharmacist Tech  
Elston, Sandra Elizabeth   New Port Shift Supervisor  
Englehardt, Amanda B   Melbourne Recovery Assistant  
Erwin, Maria 3164 Benton Town LPN   
Estabrook, Lisa Gail 3128 Oxford Assistant to the Director  
Evans, Jayne P, 3211 Clinton RN  
Farley, John P.   Alcoa NB Recovery Assistant  
Fetting, Jeannie Rose 3164 Benton Town Primary Therapist/Part time                      
Finch, Emma H.   Clarksville Recovery Assistant  
Finley, Jason C. 1634 Admin Pharmacist  
Fitzpatrick, Darrell   Malvern Recovery Assistant  
Fleetwood, Monica S.   Benton Town Recovery Assistant  
Folyer, Amanda May   Ash Flat Recovery Assistant  
Ford, Jerry A.   Clarksville Recovery Assistant  
Forte, Tyaun LaCharles   Alcoa NB Shift Supervisor  
Foster, Te'Aundra L.   Alcoa NB Recovery Assistant  
Fournier, Tracy C. 4153 AHC Recovery Advocate  
Franklin, Jr., Keith B.   Conway Recovery Assistant  
Freeman, Tim Lee   Russellville Clinical Leader/Therapist 501-303-1696
Friend, Carol   Admin Transcriptionist  
Frost, Adam James   Russellville Recovery Assistant  
Frost, Paula Ann 3234 Conway Branch Director Assistant   
Fuller, Dujuana N.   Conway Recovery Assistant  
Fuller, Tammie L.   Conway Recovery Assistant  
Gale, Daniel A.   Ashflat Recovery Advocate  
Gale, Kayla M.    Ashflat Recovery Assistant  
Gambill, Riley E.S.   Conway Recovery Assistant  
Gann, II, Joseph H.   Conway Recovery Assistant  
Garcia, Ruthann   Admin Utilization  
Garner, Reianna Desiree   AHC Recovery Advocate  
Garrett, Kristy C. 3151 Hope House Assoc. Dir. of Branch Opers 501-778-4605
Gaskin, Loretta   Malvern Recovery Assistant  
Gentry, Ira Adam 3129 Ash Flat Recovery Advocate   
Gentry, Paul M   Alcoa NB SCP Recovery Advocate  
George, Melinda Sue   AHC Recovery Assistant  
Gerwig, James F.   Alcoa NB Shift Supervisor  
Gibson House   Benton Town    
Gibson, Dederrick D.   Alcoa NB Recovery Assistant  
Gilbreath, Heather Lynn   Ash Flat Recovery Assistantvb   
Gilliam, Danielle   Clarksville Recovery Assistantb  
Gillion, Debra M.   Alcoa NB Associate Branch Director  
Gilmer, Jamie  3174 Clarksville Recovery Advocate  
Goodman, Sonja 3166 Malvern Program Supervisor 501-303-1694
Goodrich, Scott Alan   AHC Recovery Assistant  
Grady, Hayden Brock   Melbourne Recovery Assistant  
Granberry, Ahmad M. 1630 New Port Recovery Assistant  
Graybill, Dorothy C.  4158 AHC Dietary  
Greenbrier  Cell Phone   Greenbrier    
Greenbrier Branch 3034 Greenbrier    
Greenbrier FAX   Greenbrier   501-679-3034
Greenbrier Landline   Greenbrier    
Greer, III, John Cagger 3149 Clarksville Primary Therapist  
Greer, Monica D.   AHC Recovery Assistant  
Griffin, Abigail Rose   Clarksville Recovery Assistant  
Griffin, David L.   AHC Shift Supervisor-Night Supv.  
Griffin, Kimberly Denise   Benton Town Housekeeper  
Grisham, Donald Ira   Clinton Shift Supv.  
Grissom, Hope M. 1632 Russellville LPN   
Group Home (new)  02   Benton Town 12453 Hwy. 35, Benton  72015  
Group Home (old)  01   Benton Town 12441 Hwy. 35, Benton  72015  
Grubbs, Sandra Denice   Conway Recovery Advocate  
Gwin, Randall L.   Mt. View Maintenance  
Haas, Tamera Sue 3224 Clarksville Director of Branch Operations 501-303-3192
Hafner, Tommie Nell   Conway Recovery Assistant  
Hagerty, Angela L. 1683 Russellville Program Supervisor  
Hall, Branda Belle Ann   New Port Recovery Assistant  
Hall, Sarah E.   AHC Recovery Assistant  
Hall, Tim Allen   Mt. View Recovery Assistant  
Hamor, Cyndi Ann   Russellville Recovery Advocate  
Hampton, Samantha E.    Alcoa NB SCP Recovery Advocate  
Hardway, Francis E.   Russeville Recovery Assistant  
Harlan, Jr., Jan Austin   AHC Shift Supv. Weekend Day Supv.  
Harlan,Vanessa Renee   AHC Recovery Assistant  
Harris, Brenda L.   Ash Flat Recovery Assistant  
Harris, Cassandra   Malvern Recovery Assistant  
Harris, Denise 1630 New Port Recovery Advocate 501-303-3179
Harvill, Kelly 3110 Admin Computer Systems Engr. 501-303-3288
Havens, Mark E.   Conway Recovery Assistant  
Hawkins, Eugene H. 3159 Admin. Maintenance  
Haws, Amanda R.   Benton Town Recovery Assistant  
Hazel Street House   Benton Town 924 W. Hazel, Benton 7015  
Hellums, Jason T.   Ashflat Recovery Assistant  
Helsham, Henry A.   Alcoa NB SCP Recovery Advocate  
Henderson, Robyn   AHC Recovery Advocate  
Henderson, Todd 3102 Admin Assoc.Bus.Off.Mgr . 501-303-3302
Hendrix, Martha L.    Benton Town Recovery Assistant  
Hensley, Tina Darlene 4200 Benton Town RA/Program Tech  
Hess, Harold Eugene   Mt. View Recovery Assistant  
Higdon, Terry Mike   Alcoa NB SCP Recovery Assistant  
Higgins, Angela 3116 Admin Trans Supv.Execu.Asst.        
Hill, Rachel Ann   Conway Recovery Assistant  
Hill, Rhonda Teneal 3266 Admin RN-Dir. Of Nursing 501-303-1692
Hill, Victoria Ann  1634 Admin Pharmacy Tech  
Hill, Virginia G. 3200 Conway Recovery Advocate  
Hill, Winnie Gail 4206 Benton Town Recovery Assistant  
Hinshaw, Desha R.   Clinton Recovery Assistant  
Hix, Kassy K.   New Port Recovery Advocate  
Holland, Sharon L.    Benton Town Recovery Advocate  
Hollingshead, Jacqueline A. 3175 Hope House LPN  
Holmes-Pettus, Doris   Benton Town Recovery Advocate  
Holt, Rhonda Lynn   Clarksville Dietary  
Hook, Nigel 3141 Clarksville Program Supervisor  
Hope House   Hope House 6701 Hwy 67 South,Bldg 70 Benton 75219 New HH add.       1506 Mary Kay Blvd., Benton 
Hope House FAX   Hope House   501-303-3196
Hope House Workstation 303-1665 Hope House   501-778-4605
Hope House Land Line 303-1665  Hope House    
Hope House Member Line 303-1665 Hope House    
Hope House Nurse 3175 Hope House    
Hope House Therapist 3137 Hope House    
Horton, Joshua L.    Melbourne Shift Supervisor  
Horton, Terri M.  3211 Clinton Recovery Advocate  
Houston Group House   Russellville    
HR FAX   Admin   501-303-3176
Huchingson, Kimberly S   Benton Town Recovery Assistant  
HUD FAX   Admin   501-303-3298
Huell, Vanessa Elaine   Hope House LPN  
Hughes, Eric B   Russellville Recovery Assistant  
Hughes, Randall   AHC Maintenance  
Hughes, Ryan W. 1650 Admin IT help desk   
Hughes, Velva Nichole 4150 AHC Recovery Advocate  
Humphrey, Marion Rodriquez   Benton Town Recovery Assistant  
Hunter, Anna Elizabeth   Conway Recovery Assistant  
Jackson, Chris D.           1661 Ash Fflat Dir. Of Branch Operations/Therapist                    501-303-1660
Jackson, Favian J.   Conway Recovery Assistant  
Jackson, Mary Ann   Conway Recovery Assistant  
Jackson, Merinda Rhea                 4232 Mt View-Clin Primary Therapist/ Dir. of Branch Opers. 501-303-3191
Jackson, Patricia D   Newport Recovery Assistant  
James, III, William J.   Clarksville Recovery Assistant  
James, Kathy Louise   Admin Contract  
James, Sammie Turner 3156 AHC Primary Therapist  
James, Terrance Dewayne   AHC Program Supervisor  
James,III,  William J. "Trey"   Clarksville Primary Therapist  
Jarrett, Kimberly Ann 4010 New Port Recovery Assistant  
Jenkins, Tisha Renee 3204 Alcoa NB Primary Therapist/Dir. Of Branch Operation 501-303-3258
Jimenez, Karla   Clarksville Recovery Assistant  
Johnson, Angie L.   Mt. View Recovery Assistant  
Johnson, Kayce Nicole   Admin Primary Therapist  
Johnson, Michael A   Benton Town Shift Supervisor  
Johnson, Miranda Rene   AHC Recovery Assistant  
Johnson, Monica Ann   Hope House Housekeeper  
Johnson, Tanya L.   Conway Recovery Assistant  
Johnson, Tracy Lacarol   Benton Town Recovery Assistant  
Johnson-Reams, Rosalind J.    AHC Recovery Assistant  
Jones, Barbara   Conway Recovery Assistant  
Jones, Brandon Torez   AHC Recovery Assistant  
Jones, Kisha E.   Newport Recovery Assistant  
Jones, Sandra Faye   Ashflat Dietary Supervisor  
Jack Keathley 3108 Admin CFO  
Kemper, Zachary S.   Ash Flat Recovery Assistant  
Killingsworth, Charlene   Newport Recovery Assistant  
Kindle, Tehodore M.   Conway Housekeeper  
King, Ashley Nicole   AHC Recovery Assistant  
King, Heather 3129 Oxford Assoc.Dir. of Branch Opers 501-303-3191
Kirk, Kathy   Admin Transcriptionist  
Kirkendoll, LaWanda M.   Benton Town Recovery Assistant  
Kitkoski, Richard   Benton Town Recovery Assistant  
Klein, Michelle Marie   Ashflat Program Tech  
Kline, John Robert 3200 Conway Maintenance  
Kline, Judith M.   Conway Recovery Assistant  
Knowles, Marissa Diane 3200 Conway Program Supervisor  
Koch, Michael Don   Benton Town Assoc. Dir. Of Branch Operations  
Kosters, David P.  1601 Malvern Assoc Dir of Branch Operations 501-303-3195
Kramer, Luke B. 3270 Admin Dir.of Training and Development  
Kretzmann, Carol M. 3237 Conway Primary Therapist 501-303-3194
Krippendorf, Kimberly D   AHC Recovery Assistant  
Kuchinski, C. David 3140 Admin COO 501-303-3221
Kuchinski, Stacey L. 3237 Admin Program Director 501-315-1388
Kuzmin, Alexsey V 2964 Hope House Shift Supervisor (Evening)  
Labat, Brandon C.   Clinton Recovery Assistant  
Landry, Darnell   Benton Town Recovery Assistant  
Lane, Stacey Yvette   Conway Recovery Assistant  
Lane, Stephen E.   Alcoa NB Recovery Advocate  
Latham, David W.    Mt. View Recovery Assistant  
Lawrence, Davonda   Melbourne Recovery Assistant  
Lawrence, Jeremy Don 3127 Ash Flat Program Supervisor 501-303-3178
Lawrence, Jordan Estes   Melbourne Recovery Assistant   
Lawson, Jodi Lauren   Conway Recovery Assistant  
Leach, Ann T. 3277 AHC Primary Therapist  
Lewis, Alisha D.    Benton Town Recovery Assistant  
Linenfelser, Nicole M.    Benton Town Recovery Assistant  
Linn, Michael Wayne   Alcoa NB SCP Recovery Assistant  
Lock, Jarrad Omar 4403 Malvern Recovery Advocate  
Long, Melody D. 4203 Hope House Housekeeper  
Long, Randall W.   Benton Town Recovery Assistant  
Long, Rick L.  3175 Hope House RN  
Lowe, Brenda Joy 3129 Ash Flat Ash Flat Group Home Supv.  
Lowe, Dennis Lee   Ash Flat Recovery Assistant  
Lowery, Anthony Glenn   Hope House Shift Supervisor  
Lyons, Gavin David 3160 Admin Operator   
Maintenance 3159 Admin Maintenance/718 Alcoa Rd.  
Malabanan, Pam 3247 Conway Dir. Of Branch Operations  
Malvern Branch   Malvern 1628 East Page, 72104  
Malvern FAX   Malvern    
Malvern Kitchen 4160 Malvern   501-303-3195
Malvern Nurse Station 4405 Malvern    
Malvern Program Ctr.   Malvern    
Malvern Supervisor   Malvern    
Marshall, Angelique Franasca   Alcoa NB Recovery Assistant  
Marshall, Paul E.   Conway Recovery Assistant  
Martin, Brian Anthony "Tony"   Admin Crisis Staff  
Martin, Daniel J.   Mt. View Shift Supervisor  
Mason, Cindy Kay 4011 Ash Flat RN  
Mattingly, James   Clarksville Computer Tech Televideo Room
McBride, Leslie Ann   Benton Town SCP Recovery Advocate  
McCallister, Starla K. 3145 Admin HR Assistant 501-303-3176
McCarley, Jon M.   Clarksville Recovery Assistant  
McClendon, Anglea Michelle   Malvern Shift Supervr/Program Asst. 501-303-3187
McClendon, Carrie A. 4158 AHC Dietary Supervisor  
McClure, Jr., Ferman   Conway Shift Supervisor  
McCord, Angela Lea Clay 1631 Mt. View Asst. Branch Dir.  
McCord, Robert Jeff 1631 Mt. View Program Supervisor  
McCoy, Ella Mae   Conway Housekeeper  
McCoy, Kristi E. 3238 Conway Recovery Advocate 501-303-3178
McCurley, Theodore Leon   Melbourne Housekeeper  
McDaniel, Milan Eugene    Conway Recovery Advocate  
McDonald, Janie Elsie   AHC SCP Recovery Assistant  
McDonald, Tracy Donielle   Benton Town Primary Therapist  
McGhee, Megan Darlene   AHC Recovery Assistant  
McKim, James Mike    Benton Town Recovery Assistant  
McLaughlin, Misty Dawn   Clarksville Recovery Assistant  
McMurray, Shirley Anne 3165 Malvern Primary Therapist 501-303-3195
Mejia, Alexandra Carolina   AHC Recovery Assistant  
Melbourne Gr.Hm. 4164 Melbourne 102 Conniebrook Ln, 72556  
Mierop, Melody D.   Clarksville Recovery Assistant  
Miller, Daniel Lee   Ashflat Recovery Assistant  
Miller, Robin Duane   Ashflat Recovery Assistant  
Miller,Ernest R.   Alcoa NB Recovery Assistant  
Millikin, Gayer   Alcoa NB Recovery Assistant  
Mills, Kenneth W.   Ashflat Recovery Advocate  
Mobbs, Janice L. "Jan Jobes" 3254 Admin PA Administrator 501-303-3249
Mobley, Taylor Wayne   Russellville Shift Supervisor  
Monroe, Bilal Khay   AHC Recovery Assistant  
Montgomery, Kristin Michelle M.  4164 Melbourne Recovery Advocate 501-303-3220
Moore, Carmela D. 3240 Conway Recovery Advocate  
Moore, Ramon E.   Alcoa NB Recovery Assistant  
Moore, Sandra B. 3114 Admin HR Assistant  
Mooring, Nancy Lynn   Clinton Recovery Assistant  
Morgan, Henry E. 3106 Admin Chaplain   
Morris, Carolyn G. 4154 AHC Recovery Advocate  
Morton, Dominik D. 6200 Benton Town Primary Therapist  
Moseley, Michelle Lynn 3167 Malvern Dir .of Branch Operations 501-303-3195
Moser, Jeff Scott   Ashflat Recovery Assistant  
Mt. View  Group Home   Mt. View 417 N. Peabody, Mt. View 72560  
Mt. View Branch 1631 Mt. View    
Mt. View Branch Cell   Mt. View    
Mt. View Program Ctr. 1631 Mt. View 218 Dogwood Hollow Rd 72560  
Mullins, Christopher Patrick   Hope House Shift Supervisor  
Murdock, Frances D. (Fern) 1685 Russellville Primary Therapist  
Nalley, Darryl J.   Admin Maintenance  
Nalley, Jami Michelle 3260 Admin Clincial Records Supervisor 501-303-1698
Nasom, Marlene Marie   Conway Recovery Assistant  
Neal, Kevin M.   Conway Program Tech  
Nelson, Roderick 3130 Admin Health & Safety Director  
New Beginnings   Alcoa NB 718 Alcoa Rd. Benton, AR 72015  
New Port Group Home   New Port 210 Third St. 72112 501-303-3191
New Port Land Line   New Port    
New Port Program Ctr. 1630 New Port   501-626-6547
New Port Therapist FAX   New Port   501-303-1633
Newburn, Derrick B. 4156 AHC Recovery Advocate  
Ngange, Eric Molike   Benton Town Recovery Advocate  
Nix, Jennifer D.   Benton Town Employment Specialist  
Njah, , Ferdinand E.   Malvern Recovery Assistant  
Nolen, Charloda Denise   Malvern Housekeeper  
Nolen, Kenneth D.   AHC Housekeeping  
Norris, Jessica G.   Russellville Recovery Assistant  
Northcross, Latoya A.   AHC Housekeeping pager-501-303-1217                     
Novotny, Kelley   Ash Flat Recovery Assistant  
Novotny, Kurt E.   Ash Flat Recovery Assistant  
Nurse's FAX   New Port   501-303-3269
Ogden, Marcia Anne 3111 Admin Assist. HR Director  
Okai, Ben 1655 Ashflat Primary Therapist 501-303-3152
Ollison, Verda M.   Benton Town Recovery Assistant  
Olson, Christopher A.   Mt. View Recovery Assistant  
Oswald, Natalie V.   Russellville Shift Supervisor  
Owen, Chrisie M.  3163 Benton Town Assoc. Dir.of Branch Opers          
Owen, Christopher M.  4157 AHC Assistant to Director  
Owen-Redd, Ellen 4012 Hope House Recovery Advocate  
Owens, April Natasha   Malvern Recovery Assistant  
Owens, Audrieana N.   Benton Town Recovery Advocate  
Owens, Victor L.   AHC Recovery Assistant  
Oxford Nurse   Oxford   501-303-1693
Oxford Program Center   Oxford 105 Hwy 9, Oxford, AR 72565 870-258-3244
Oxford Rads Team 1   Oxford    
Oxford Rads Team 2 4164 Oxford    
Oxford Rads Team 3   Oxford    
PA FAX  Jan Jobe Mobbs   4164 Admin   501-303-3249
Palmer, Randall Roy   Clarksville Recovery Advocate  
Parker, Nick 3247 Conway Supportive Employment Supv.  
Parks, Jessica Leann   Clarksville Recovery Assistant  
Partain, Lindsey J.   Benton Town Recovery Assistant  
Partee, Clarice Celeste   Alcoa NB Primary Therapist  
Patrick, Darnell 4154 AHC Recovery Advocate  
Patterson, Brian K. 3224 New Port Program Supervisor  
Patterson, Marcelliou   New Port Recovery Assistant  
Patterson, Nicholas Issac   Clarksville Recovery Assistant  
Payne, Lauren Marie   Ashflat Recovery Assistant  
Peevy, Terry 1630 New Port Housekeeper  
Peppers, Gary C.  1630 Ash Flat Recovery Assistant  
Perry, Gary D   Clarksville Recovery Assistant  
Peterson, Katherine A.   Benton Town Recovery Assistant  
Phifer, Gwan L.   Benton Town Recovery Assistant  
Phillips, Keeli   Mr. View Recovery Assistant  
Pilcher, Suzanne   AHC Recovery Assistant  
Plagens, Kaysha L. 3211 Clinton Recovery Assistant  
Pledger, Oveta   Alcoa NB Recovery Advocate  
Pledger, Shelly 3124 Admin Housing and Transportation Asst.  
Pollard, Jacob D.   New Port Recovery Assistant  
Porchia, Shannon D   Malvern Shift Supervisor  
Potter, Eugene   New Port Recovery Assistant  
Potter, Suzanne M.    AHC Recovery Assistant  
Poulter, Sherry 3175 Hope House LPN   
Powell, Portia Ann   Benton Town SCP Recovery Asst.  
Powers, Alexis Desiree 4164 Alcoa NB Recovery Assistant  
Powers, Patricia J.   Ashflat Recovery Assistant  
Price, Coy 3154 Malvern Primary Therapist 501-303-3195
Purchasing FAX   Admin   501-303-3182
Quesenberry, Jessica L.   Conway Recovery Assistant  
Ramer, Angel 3211 Clinton Recovery Advocate  
Ramsey, Scott K.   Mt. View Recovery Assistant  
Rankin, Diana 3135 Admin Housing and HUD Coordinator  
Redd, Ellen M. 4012 Hope House Recovery Advocate  
Redican, Lessie Sharron   Conway Recovery Assistant  
Redmon, John Christopher   Conway Recovery Assistant  
Register, Benjamin David   Conway Primary Therapist  
Reynolds, Cynthia Norene   Clarksville Recovery Assistant  
Reynolds, Kelsey Brooke   Hope House Recovery Assistant  
Richardson, Mary Jane   Conway Recovery Assistant  
Ridgle, Cedrick D.   Conway Recovery Assistant  
Riggin, Donna A.   Clinton SPC Recovery Assistant  
Rigsby, Sonya D.   Clarksville Recovery Advocate  
Riley, Sierra D.   Ash Flat Recovery Assistant  
Rimmer, Stephanie Lynn   AHC Recovery Assistant 501-303-3186
Roach, Andrew 3150 Hope House Director of Branch Operations 501-303-3186
Roaten,Sr.,  K. Nolan   Alcoa NB Recovery Assistant  
Roberson, Clint R 3273 AHC Housekeeping Supv. Fastrain Coordinator  
Roberts, Misty Dawn   Mt. View Recovery Assistant  
Robertson, Donna K 3242 Conway Assoc. Dir.of Branch Opers     501-303-3186
Robinson, Mary D   Conway Dietary Supervisor  
Robinson, Reginald L.   AHC Recovery Assistant 501-303-1699
Rodefer, David L.   Clinton Maintenance  501-745-8878
Rodgers, Andrew   Benton Town Recovery Assistant  
Rogers, Linda A.    Clinton Recovery Assistant  
Rook, LaTosha   Admin Business Clerk  
Rose, Jodie Leigh   Clarksville Recovery Assistant  
Roupe, Edgar Thomas   Alcoa NB Recovery Assistant  
Rouse, Debra R.   Ashflat Recovery Assistant  
Rowland, Micah Lynn 3137 Hope House Primary Therapist  
Rudd, Terry Lynn   Conway Recovery Assistant  
Rushing, Regina A. 3211 Clinton Program Supervisor  
Russell, Jacob G. 3127 Ash Flat Primary Therapist  
Russellville Group Home   Russellville 1000 Houston Ave. 72801 501-303-1697
Russellville Program Center   Russellville 210 N. Shamock, Russellville, AR -  72802/P.O.  Box 765, 72811 501-303-3189
Ryan, Chelsie Jewel Noel   Russellville Recovery Assistant  
Salle, Channen Marie   Ash Flat Recovery Assistant  
Santiago, Lacie L.   Clarksville SCP Recovery Advocate  
Sarksyan, Svetlan   Hope House Recovery Assistant  
Sarksyan, Yelena   Hope House Housekeeper  
Schichtl,Teresa G.   Conway Recovery Assistant  
Schubert, Charles Andrew   Mt View Primary Therapist 501-303-3178
Scripter-Smith, Carol Lynn   AHC Residential Trainer  
Seale, Natsaha    AHC Recovery Assistant  
Shackelford, Kasandra Leigh   AHC Recovery Assistant  
Shannon, James R.   Clinton Recovery Assistant  
Sharp, John L.   AHC Recovery Assistant  
Sharp, Wesley J.   Ash Flat Recovery Advocate  
Shaw, III, Darrell W.    Clarksville Program Tech  
Shelnut, Joel A.   Malvern Maintenance  
Shelnut, Lisa E. 3136 Admin Business Office Manager 501-303-3236
Shepherd, Linda K. 1631 Mt. View Recovery Advocate  
Simelton, Tijuana N.   Malvern Recovery Advocate  
Simmons, Jacob Ward 3157 AHC Assoc.Dir.of Branch Operations  
Simmons, Julis S.   AHC Recovery Assistant  
Simpkins, Kari Michelle 3222 Admin HR Assistant  
Sivley, Jeremy M.    Ash Flat Recovery Assistant  
Skinner, Maureen 3232 Conway Primary Therapist  
Smith, Amy Kristin   AHC Recovery Assistant  
Smith, Cole Ray   Russellville Recovery Assisant  
Smith, Kathleen Yvette   Benton Town Dietary Supervisor  
Smith, Linda J.   Alcoa NB Recovery Advocate  
Smith, Lori  D.           3119 Admin Business Clerk  
Smith, Nicole 4405 Malvern LPN  501-303-3203
Smith, Sasha M. 4401 Malvern Recovery Advocate  
Smith, Sharon Marie   Clinton SCP Recovery Assistant  
Smith, Susan Rene   Clarksville Recovery Assistant  
Smith,II,  Joseph Glenn   Conway Recovery Assistant  
South, Debra Louise "Tess" 3129 Oxford Recovery Advocate  
Sowell, Jordan Brooke   Clinton Recovery Asistant  
Spillers, Linda Ruth   Russellville Dietary  
Stanford, Renee J.P.   Ash Flat Recovery Assistant  
Stanford, Tiffany N.   Ash Flat Recovery Assistant  
Steed, Alicia K.   Mt. View Shift Supervisor  
Steed, Russel Alvin   Hope House Recovery Assistant  
Steidley, Cathy Gail   Mt. View Recovery Assistant  
Stephenson, Johnnie   Hope House Recovery Assistant  
Stewart, Cody Houston   Ash Flat Recovery Assistant  
Stewart, Shelly Anne 3127 Conway Shift Supervisor  
Stills, Brittney Michelle   Ash Flat Recovery Advocate  
Stroud, Ryan P.   AHC Recovery Assistant  
Tackett, Jennifer J.   Clarksville Program Tech  
Tadlock, Rachelle 0 Admin Transcriptionis  
Tankersley, Lori Louise 3233 Conway LPN 501-303-3194
Tatum, Marcus William   Malvern Shift Supervisor - Apt. Manager  501-303-3187
Taybore, Niesha   Benton Town Recovery Assistant  
Teague, Gary D   Benton Town Recovery Assistant  
Teague, Jessica Michelle   AHC Recovery Assistant  
Tedder, Natara L.. 4201 Benton Town Recovery Advocate  
Teel, Richard William   Hope House Recovery Assistant  
Thedford, Randy Porter   Mt. View Recovery Assistant  
Thomas, Michael Wayne   Benton Town Shift Supervisor  
Thomas, Sharita R.   Benton Town Recovery Advocate  
Thomas, Susan A.   AHC Recovery Assistant  
Thornton, Corey   Alcoa NB Recovery Assistant  
Thurman, Jason D.   Benton Town Recovery Advocate  
Tindall, Jim D. 3274 Admin Expressive Arts Specialist  
Tinsman, Gale 1610 Oxford Primary Therapist  
Tolbert, Odes DeWayne   Benton Town Recovery Assistant  
Torrence, Bobbie L   Benton Town Recovery Assistant  
Trotter, Haleigh Erin   Malvern Recovery Advocate  
Trudell, Jeffrey Lawrence 3241 Admin Computer Systems Engr.  
Trudell, Priscilla Renea 0 Admin Transcriptionist  
Tudor, Melinda 3264 Admin Clinical Records Clerk  
Turner, Alex Spencer   Alcoa NB Recovery Assistant  
Turner, Barbara Mae   Mt View Recovery Assistant  
Turner, Deborah A.   Malvern Recovery Advocate  
Twilley, Charles Henry 3245 Conway Recovery Assistant  
Tyson, Cynthia   New Port Housekeeping  
Urrey, Kathaleen 4159 AHC Recovery Advocate  
Ussery, Jennifer L   New Port Recovery Assistant  
Valentine, Anthony Joel   Benton Town Recovery Assistant  
Varvil,Lindsey   AHC Recovery Assistant  
Wade, Larry E. 3148/3151 Hope House Program Supervisor  
Walker, Phyllis E.   AHC Recovery Assistant  
Walls, Amanda K.   Ash Flat Recovery Assistant  
Walls, James W.   Ash Flat Recovery Assistant  
Ward Kenneth C.   Clarksville Recovery assistant  
Ward, Diane Lynne 3211 Clinton Recovery Advocate  
Warnsley, Kanisha A.   Alcoa NB RecoveryAssistant  
Wasacase, Tera D.   Clarksville Recovery Assistant  
Washington, Malcolm 4204 BentonTown Recovery Advocate  
Watson, Phyllis Rae   Russellville Recovery Adovcate  
Welch, Jacklin Markida   Conway Recovery Advocate  
Wells, Dr. Randall H.   Admin Contract  
Wesley, Jr., Albert   Conway Housekeeping  
West, Nathan C. 3267 Admin RN     
West, Sandra L.    Clarksville Housekeeper  
Westbrooks, Kimberly Ann   Malvern Housekeeper  
Westlake,Emerson Tron   Conway Recovery Assistant  
White, Ashley Elizabeth 3158 AHC Dir.of Branch Operations  501-315-3258
White, Nicholas   AHC Recovery Advocate  
White, Sandra J. 3250 Admin Assoc. Dir.of Programs  
Whitt, Michael 3105 Admin Director of Accreditation  
Wiggins, Curtis J.   Malvern Recovery Assistant  
Wigley, Tina Louise   Hope House Housekeeping  
Wiley, Roselyn J.   Russellville Recovery Assistant  
Wilkins,Beverly F.   Conway Recovery Assistant  
Williams, Amanda Nicole   Clarksville Recovery Assistant  
Williams, Ashley F.   Ashflat Recovery Assistant  
Williams, Aurby R. 4011 New Port LPN 501-303-3178
Williams, Brandon K.   Benton Town Shift Supervisor  
Williams, Brinson L. 3109 Admin Admissions Dir. 501-303-3180
Williams, Curtis D.   Conway Recovery Assistant  
Williams, Ethan O.   Alcoa NB Program Supervisor  
Williams, Kathleen Ann   New Port Primary Therapist  
Willis, Glenn E.  3174 Clarksville Recovery Advocate  
Winfrey, Roycelyn 3118 Admin DHS on site Medicaid Clerk  
Winkle, Julie M.   Mt. View Recovery Assistant  
Witcher, Craig N.   Clarksville Primary Therapis   
Witcher, Craig N.    Clarksville Primary Therapist  
Witt, Samantha R.    Hope House Recovery Assistant  
Witt, Veronica   Clarksville Dietary Supervisor  
Wofford, JaShaunna   Conway Recovery Assistant  
Wohner, Christi Lynn   Conway Recovery Assistant  
Wolford, Michelle 3103 Admin Business Office  
Woodworth, Katherine   Admin Primary Therapist-Float Therapist  
Woodyard, Cynthia B.   Conway Recovery Advocate  
Wright, Kenneth D. 3267 Admin   501-303-3169
Wright, Tiffani N.    Conway Recovery Assistant  
Yarbrough, Sharion A.   Hope House Program Tech  
Yates, Rene   AHC SCP Recovery Assistant  
Younger Mindi A.   Mt. View Recovery Assistant  
Younger, Stephanie R.   Mt. View Recovery Assistant  



Admin  501-315-1388 Admin 501-315-3344
Admin Conf. Rm. (New) 501-303-3221 Admin II 501-303-3213
Admin Conf. Rm. (Old) 501--303-3212 Admin I 501-303-3212
Admin Executive Wing (New) 501-303-3221 Admin 501-315-3344
Admission FAX 501-303-3180 Admin - Admissons 50.1-303-3109
AHC 501-303-3258 AHC
AHC Nurse 501-303-1653 AHC 501-303-3155
Ash Flat Gray House # 1 501-303-3191 Ash Flat 501-994-7660
Benefits - Ins.401K (Kari) HR 501-303-3176 Admin - HR 501-303-3111
Bennett, Tim 501-303-3298 Admin/COO 501-416-7963
Benton Town 501-303-3297 Benton Town
Benton Town Nurse 501-303-1662 Benton Town 501-303-3164
Benton Town Prog.Supv. 501-303-1694 Benton Town 501-303-3166
Cheatham, James E. 501-303-3186 Hope House 501-303-4012
Clarksville Branch 501-303-1695 Clarksville 501-303-3224
Clarksville Nurse 501-303-1695 Clarksville 501-317-0289
Clarksville Prog. Ctr. (Phoenix) 501-303-3192 Clarksville 501-303-312
Clinical Records (Jamie Nalley) 501-303-1698  Clinical Records 501-303-3260
Clinical Records (Melinda Tudor 501-303-1699 Clinical Records 501-303-3264
Clinton Branch (Shakerag Rd.) 501-745-8878 Clinton 501-303-3177
Clinton FAX 501-745-8878 Clinton 501-745-8878
Clinton Group Home 501-416-3563 Clinton 501-303-3209
Clinton Nurse  501-303-3211 Clinton 501-303-3211
Cogovan, Teresa Payroll 501-303-1652 Admin - Payroll 501-303-3275
Conway Nurse 501-303-3194 Conway 501-303-3247
Crutcher, Joann 501-303-3152 New Port 501-303-1630
Employment (Charlene) 501-303-3176 Admin - HR 501-303-3145
Employment (Starla) 501-303-3176 Admin - HR 501-303-3222
Estabrook, Lisa 501-303-3297 Oxford 501-303-3128
Finley, Jason 501-303-1676 Admin - Pharmacy 501-303-1634
Freeman, Tim 501-303-1697 Russellville 479-857-2120
Garcia, Ro. 501-303-3208 Admin   501-303-3108
Garrett, Kristy 501-303-1612 Benton Town 501-303-3146
Goodman, Sonja 501-303-1694 Malvern 501-303-3166
Greenbrier FAX 501-679-3034 Conway 501-303-3034
Haas, Tamera 501-303-3192 Clarksville 501-303-3224
Harvill, Kelly 501-303-3288 IT 501-416-8092
Harvill, Paula 501-303-3120 Admin/Dir of  HR 501-303-3132
Hass, Tami 501-303-3192 Mt. View/Clinton 501-303-3224
Henderson, Todd 501-315-1388 Admin 501-303-3102
Hill, Teneal 501-303-1692 Admin 501-303-3266
Hope House Nurse 501-303-3161 Hope House 501-303-3175
HR FAX 501-303-3176 Admin
HR Director (Paula) 501-303-3120 Admin - HR 501-303-3132
Jackson, Chris 501-303-1660 Ash Flat 501-303-4232
Killingsworth, Charlene 501-303-3176 Admin HR-Employment 501-303-3145
King, Heather 501-303-3191 Oxford 501-303-3129
Lawrence, Jeremy Don 501-303-3178 Ash Flat 501-303-3127
Malabanan, Pam 501-303-1635 Conway 501-681-0304
Malvern Branch. 501-303-3195 Malvern 501-332-4437
Malvern Nurse Station 501-303-3203 Malvern 501-303-4405
McCallister, Starla 501-303-3176 Admin HR-Employment 501-303-3222
McClendon,, Angela Michelle 501-303-3187 Malvern 501-626-6548
McCoy, Kristi E..  501-303-3178 Conway 501-303-3238
McMurray, Shirley 501-303-3195 Malvern 501-303-3165
Mobbs, Janice L 501-303-3249 Admin - PA 501-303-3254
Moore, Sandy B. 501-303-3176 Admin - HR 501-303-3114
Moseley, Michelle 501-303-3195 Malvern 501-303-3167
Mosely,. Michelle Lynn 501-303-3195 Malvern 501-303-3167
Murdock, Frances D 501-303-1697 Russellville 501-303-1685
Nalley, Jamie 501-303-1698  Admin-Clinical Records 501-303-3260
Newportt Nurse 501-303-3269 New Port 501-303-3260
Newport Group Home 501--303-3191 New Port
Newport Therapist 501-303-1633 New Port
Owen Christi M. Owen 501-303-3297 Benton Town 501-303-3163
Oxford Nurse 501-303-1693 Oxford
Oxford Program Center 870-258-3244 Oxford
PA Fax (Jan Mobbs) 501-303-3249 Admin 501-303-3254
Payroll (Teresa) 501-303-1652 Admin - HR 501-303-3275
Pharmacy FAX 501-303-1676 Admin 501-303-1634
Pledger, Shelley 501-303-3298 Admin/Housing/Trans  501-303-3124
Price, Coy 501-303-3195 Malvern 501-303-3154
Rankin, Diana 501-303-3298 Admin/Housing/Hud  501-303-3135
Reinhart, Jamie 501-303-1653 AHC 501-303-3155
Russellvile Site 501-303-1696 Russellville
Russellville Nurse 501-303-1696 Russellville
Russellville Primary Therapists 501-303-1697 Russellville
Scott, Joyce 501-303-1662 Benton Town 501-303-3164
Shelnut, Lisa 501-315-1388 Admin 501-303-3136
Simpkins, Kari 501-303-3176 Admin -  HR Benefits 501-303-3111
Smith Nicole (Nici) 501-303-3203 Malvern 501-303-4405
Tudor, Melinda 501-303-1699  Admin-Clinical Records 501-303-3264
White, Ashley 501-303-3258 AHC 501-303-3158
Williams, Brinson 501-303-3180 Admin - Admissions  501-303-3109